Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Cyber-Assignment, Reading Log for Half the Sky

Today we had a short discussion on Half the Sky. Some students hadn't read Chapter 1, so they were not able to participate. Homework is to read chapters 2-3 for Monday and to complete the templates for the essay Sentence Punctuation.

If students miss class, call me. If a student doesn't have the textbook, SPHE is on reserve in the library. Do your homework at the college or make photo copies. If a student is unclear on an assignment ask questions in class.

SPHE is not hard, but it is labor intensive. We started the film, Jazz Mama, on Monday, but hard some technical difficulties. I have an interview to show students with Nicholas Kristof, co-author of Half the Sky. It was taped at the International Women's History Museum in San Francisco last year.

On Monday we spent significant time working on exercises in SPHE.

Reading Log for Half the Sky

Reading Log & Essay due dates for Half the Sky

Week 2 Jan. 31-Feb 2 Introduction

Week 3 Feb. 7-9 Chapters 1

Week 4 Feb. 14 Chapters 2-4

Week 5 Feb. 23 Chapters 5-7

Week 6 Feb. 28-March 3 Chapters 8-11

Week 7 March 7-9 Chapters 12-14

The Essay Assignment due dates:

1. Essay Initial Planning Sheet due: March 9
2. Outline due: March 14 with outline
3. First draft due: March 16
4. Final draft due: March 18 via email

There will be a separate essay assignment sheet handed out later.

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