Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am trying to leave and at 4:45 I am still here (smile). Today we touched on a lot of topics: Topical Invention, Revision Strategies, (both handouts), the Book Report Essay plan due on Monday, Be-Verb Essays, and the Be-Verb Quiz. We also reviewed the rest of the questions in the Writing with a Thesis handout up to the example of thesis sentences in driving directions. Bring this handout to class as well, along with your completed Library Research Guide. At this point students should know who their social entrepreneur is. If you need help, let me know.

Students did really well on the Be-Verb Quiz.

Many students are have not completed their books, but students seem to be further along than Monday. Even if you have a few pages or chapters left, bring in an Initial Planning Sheet and tentative outline Monday. Students should also bring in their books reviews and any support materials.

Topical Invention

We began by looking at themes in the two titles: Sula and The Kite Runner. We then as a freewrite developed sentences that responded to questions: what is it/what was it; what is it like or unlike; what caused it, did it cause, will it cause; what does an authority say about it, to develop definitions, analogies, consequences, and testimony.

Bring in your sentences developed using Topical Invention Monday and today: analogies, definitions, consequences and testimony. Use one of these sentences as your thesis and the others as topic sentences in your outline.

The Be-Verb essay should be emailed to me by Monday or sooner. Keep working through Pidd. The next three essays will be written in class. Two are exams, the last essay, Subject-Verb, we will just write here to ease the pressure on you (smile). So just prepare the templates, type and email to yourself.

Next week we will start Possessives.

Revision Narratives

For the revisions to the Half the Sky essays, you have one week to return the revised essay. Also, please include with the essay a narrative explaining what changed between the drafts, what you did to merit my reading it again.

If a student makes more than three errors, depending on what they are, the writer might have to write a correction essay.

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