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Today we looked at Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank. See

We watched the New Heroes segment on his life and then developed introductory paragraphs. We looked at inductive and deductive forms of reasoning and came to the conclusion that if we took the premise: Credit is a human right as a thesis, and stated that women are human beings therefore women deserve credit.

The deductive argument form is a syllogism: major premise, minor premise and conclusion.

Post your 4 paragraph-essay here. Each paragraph can be five sentences long.

We began class with a writing workshop where students were able to focus on assignments they were behind on, such as essay exams (Jackie you took the exam home. If a student doesn't complete the exam, he should leave it with me.)

Matt and Julien worked in Pidd on parallel structure templates. They then completed the Parallel Structure Quiz. To make it interesting, we also corrected the errors. Both students did well.

The lecture today was on deductive and inductive reasoning. We talked about logic and thinking and came to the conclusion that argumentative writing has to do with logical or reasonable thinking on a topic.

There are three types of claims or arguments: claims of fact, claims of value and claims of policy. The Grammen Bank example is a claim of policy, because Muhammad Yunus completely changed the way financial institutions look at credit and loans.

Many students are behind, who need to catch up. The problem is the students who are turning essays in late are not writing passing essay, which means they then have to revise the essay again.

The social entrepreneur essay is the final essay. The planning sheet and outline was due today. It is due next week. Bring it to class Wednesday, along with a completed introductory paragraph. Only one student presented his book essay and that was Matt. The plan was for students to present their essays on Monday, but only two students were in class, Kimber and Matt. Try not to miss anymore classes.

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