Thursday, September 29, 2011

In the early class we didn't finish the film, Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes. Watch the rest of it on Youtube (it is there in 3-4 posts). We will talk about the essay assignment next week.

Here is a link to Part 1 of 6:

Type the templates for the Pronoun Case Essay Exam. We reviewed the exercises and identified the errors in the essay. There are 7. We also reviewed the Ellipsis Exercises in the auxiliary (134-35). We also talked about signal phrases (355).

I gave students an Initial Planning Sheet. You don't have to do anything with it presently.

Mostafa Elakbir
Professor Sabir

He shows that he depends on god to guide him in this life and he can do nothing without god. This shows similarities with Tupac when he sais " When I asked for a friend to help me bear the pain no one came except God.
Arthur Gilbert
Professor Sabir
English 201B 1:30 to 3:20 PM
29 September 2011

Free Write to My Testimony

The theme of the song, My Testimony, by Sebastian Chalang is that God instills hope for people to drive on. If it were not for him, the purity of life would be ruined and chaos would corrupt the mind. God inspires many to live the way they live, to eat what they work hard to earn and to survive the jungle that has many obstacles for people to face.

Sebastian Chalang really pointed out in his song that he felt like he was alone facing the pain, but someone came to pick him up off his feet and had him walking. Tupac also has something similar in his book called The Rose that Grew from Concrete, with the poem called God. In his first verse, he says “When I was alone and had nothing/I asked 4 a friend 2 help me bear the/pain no one came except… GOD!”(33). This poem that Tupac writes relates in a way that there is someone watching over them, that they would be taken care of through their prayers and hopes. They believe that they are not alone when God is there to guide them out of the darkness to the light. They believe that one day, when all things are over and they are to go away, that their souls will be delivered if they followed Gods’ plan for them.

My Testimony is not only a song for people to jam to, but an inspiration for those that want and look up to it. Sebastians song sand Tupacs poem both correlate with each other in the sense that they both feel that there is always someone there to guide them out of the chaos to a solitude sanctuary. So whenever you feel like you need someone that is not there, always look up and you will see that God is always there for you.
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