Monday, September 26, 2011

Today in class we reviewed "Pronoun Case." Students had a lot of questions on assignments and what is due. We responded to a poem, "Only 4 the Righteous," in a freewrite. Two students, Manuel and Ayo shared their work to applause (smile).

If anyone wants to post their freewrite here, you are welcome to do so.

Homework is to continue in Pidd, this week is the first Essay exam. We will review the errors on Thursday and take the 50 question, "Grammar Exam 1."

We will watch the film on Wednesday. It will take the entire period. There will be a cyber-assignment attached to the essay due Monday, October 3. Make sure it is posted before class. We will talk more about themes and arguments on Thursday, Sept. 29.

We are behind two essays; however, we will continue with 1 essay a week, this week "Pronoun Case" with the "Grammar Exam." We will start talking about Social Entreprenuers and I am adding another essay, the Book Report Essay. Students get to write about a person they admire. The book has to be a biography or autobiography.

I will give students the rest of the essay assignments this week. I will also post them.

Ayo Hogue 10077222
english 201a M-F 8a
Professor Sabir
26 September 2011
Learning in solitude is good for a hyperactive homophobic like Tupac. Tupac being young and alone gave a reinforing barrier for protection in his delicate growth stages. Societies of the modern U.S. can be unappealing. Isolate study is a necessary and privileged option.
Tupac, a ghetto youth whose parents weren't always the perfect role models, on drugs and absent, needed to grow into a man. Conflicts with girls and boys at his school over moral issues caused him to isolate his atudies.
Independent studies of books by W.E.B. Dubois , Shakespeare, Gandhi and many other notable historic figures helped him develop his character into what would be his most ideal desire He was able to use the guidelines of people past to learn from them actions of worth. Tupac also delved into ballet, jazz, poetry which he began in grammar school.
Formal education was not a favorable route of accumulating knowledge for Tupac. Jealousy of people thinking tupac was being beter than themor trying to be someone he was not caused him to make many of enemies. thuough not without struggle, Tupac's determination to learn would not be stopped by even the greatest of haters and discriminatiors
Thoughtful and insightful comment Ayo.
Selma Adam
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50AM
26 September 2011

Today in class we talked about the poem "Only 4 the Righteous". I think that Tupac explains what the meaning of life for him in this poem because he talked about alot of different things. He also expressed his love for rap and hip-hop and his Loyalty to his girlfriend.
Aman Bharji
Professor Sabir
English 201B 8 to 850
28 September 2011

Response and My Poem

In the poem, "Only 4 the Righteous" he explains why he does and why he does what he does. In the poem i realized the views and thoughts of Tupac towards hobbies, views, and himself. He seems to be a confident individual:for example, the line "Hot" Im hotter than the wax from a candle implies that he is at a high level in skill as an artist to me. This poem rubs off on me as if Tupac was in an arrogant mood when he wrote this.

"They" the Hater in the world
"Me" the person who delivers
"MInd" soaking up knowledge for everywhere
"Heart" emotions twisted and faithfully tangled
"Clothes" stay on top of the fabric
"Doe" Gotta get it to be above average
"Revolutionary" to much change on its plate
"Lil Wayne" Thug learned how to skate
"Pain" gives human understanding
"life" explores the will of a human being
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Jason Lee
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201 A/B 8-8:50 AM
26 September 2011
Only 4 the Righteous
In the book – The Rose that grew from the Concrete- poem title “Only 4 the Righteous” verse “I’m down with strictly dope “So” that means I’m more than u can handle “hot” I’m hotter than the wax from a candle” pg19 Shakur moral views with his personal life that details relationship with love, women, music career, and passion that relates to desire to exceed in whatever challenges may be bestowed. His confident in this excerpt signify his brilliants and to press on even though times and circumstances can allured in your life. Be assure of yourself without being arrogant and people will response with a new found respect and admiration. Stand by your conviction and principles can be a valuable asset when all materialistic objects come and go.
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