Tuesday, October 04, 2011


8-8:50 AM Class; 1:30-3:20 PM Class where applicable

In the early class on Monday we completed Grammar Exam 1. We still have to do Essay Exam 1. Today in class we finally got to the "Initial Planning Sheet." Using the theme "Destiny vs. Choice," we completed an Initial Planning Sheet and developed a thesis sentence. Students got copies of the 3-Part Thesis form.

In pairs students then wrote introductory paragraphs. Homework is to bring in a completed essay looking at hypermasculinity, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, or media.

Pidd New Dates
Do not wait for the class. Complete the book.

All the exercises for the POV essay are to be completed no later than Thursday, October 6. The essay is due Monday-Tuesday, October 10-11, typed and printed.

The Be-Verb exercises are to be completed by Tuesday-Wednesday, October 11-12. The essay is due printed Thursday, October 13.

The Possessives exercises are to be completed by Monday, October 17. Essay Exam 2 will be given to students Tuesday/Wednesday, October 18-20.

The Parallel Structure exercises are to be completed by October 20. Essay Exam 3 will be given Monday-Tuesday, October 24-25.

Subject-Verb AGR exercises are to be completed by October 27. We will write the essay in class Thursday, October 27. If students miss an exam, it might not be able to be made up.

Major Multi-tasking
Keep a clear head. The plan was to be completed with Pidd this week. You will notice that we are a month behind. None of the work is disappearing. We will be working on three tasks at the same time, so stay organized:

1. Reading Jasmine Guy's book. The essay planning will be due October 20. The essay due October 24-25, 2011. The final draft is due October 26-27.

2. Working on the Social Entrepreneur essay.

3. We will spend November on the SE essay and the Book Report Essay. Choose a biography to read preferably connected to the Social Entrepreneur profiled. The person needs to be alive and preferably living here in the SF Bay Area.

If you cannot correct Pidd's essays, you should be worried.

Staying on Task

In the afternoon class, only three students had their essays completed. These students were able to do peer reviews on each other's essays. The final drafts are due on Thursday. Remember the essays should have three citations: one block quote, one free paraphrase, one shorter in-text citation.

Dyson, Hurt, Shakur Essay
The essay should be minimally 500 words or 2 pages. The third page is the works cited page, the fourth is the bibliography. Even if you do not cite in-text, students should include Dyson's book, the Hurt film, lyrics to a song, perhaps Hurt's interview of Dyson, in a bibliography if not the works cited. The works cited page represents what is included in your writing. The bibliography represents what you read or used to gather your information.

In the afternoon class we graded Grammar Exam 1. Students will get them back Thursday. Some students are just getting SPHE. Do the exercises. You cannot complete the exams or essays without doing so. The Grammar Exam results were not good. Most students missed half the answers.

If you cannot correct Pidd's essays, you should be worried.

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