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Extra Credit Activity for Social Entrepreneur Research Essay

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College of Alameda
Student Center (Building F)
555 Ralph Appezzato Memorial Pkwy
Alameda, CA 94501

If you go to the event, and post something here, a 250 word reflection on the program and its usefulness, you can have extra credit. You might meet an entrepreneur to profile for our final essay.

Friday, October 7, 2011 from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM (PT)

It has never been easier or more important for students to start a business and think entrepreneurially! In a world of rapidly evolving technology and globalization, being able to leverage the entrepreneurial mindset regardless of career path is critical to success. The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour ( puts on events that can be customized to your campus’s wants and needs in order to introduce all students to this new life framework and inspire them to plan, prioritize, and pursue their own vision.

Entrepreneurship Tour
Corazon Tinio
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201A- 8am
7 October 2011

Excited!? Of course, I am. I might be in my forties but 40s is the new 20. I like to start a business.I really want to see how these young entrepreneurs are doing it. My business might be different from the rest of wide fast growing web-business out there but there's always new ideas that I can get, bits and pieces of knowledge that I can use. 
The extreme entrepreneurship tour is an organization that tours around campuses to motivate and encourage youth of America to venture in business. They have speaker that started business as early as 16 years old, that made millions by the age of 20s. The conference was very motivational. Interesting fact that I gather was that, in every problem there's a solution. Entrepreneur solve problem that can help people and create jobs. Ahhh, there's also that social entrepreneurship that's very interesting to research. That's is the type of business that when a product is given to you for free and have someone work for you for free, then you make profit out of that. Salvation Army is part of that social entrepreneurship, though it maybe nonprofit organization by standard it is business. 
I am majoring in business. The conference gave me ideas. It also gave me resources that are available at no cost. By the way did I mention, these kids are young under 30s. Yikes! 
Cassandra Garcia
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201A- 8am
7 October 2011

Entrepreneurship Tour

This Entrepreneur Tour was an excellent learning experience. Being a female it is very exciting to always see women who have their own business, there were two sisters who had their own ice cream shop and it is such a success. That inspired me because I am the oldest and I have 4 sisters and it gave me ideas of them possibly being involved in my business that i would like to create someday. Not only did they share their stories but they gave very helpful tips and I gained a lot of information on how to take the right steps of opening my own business. A key tool that I think I learned is being smart instead of just rushing into a business and learning exactly who the customer is. It is very important to look at every aspect of opening a business and should not be taking lightly. Also I think before I open my open my business is I am going to be very organized and actually write down steps that I need to take. I do not want to just say I want to start this business and then it fail because of something I could have prevented and that’s what this showed be is smart ways to open a business and also something I didn’t know was that most of these entrepreneurs are very social and not afraid to meet people, that is something I need to work on because I am not very social but it benefits a business the more social I am. Overall this was a great experience and the lunch was delicious!(:
Excellent! I am glad both of you went. Keep me posted on your business plans, I'd love to utilize your services, if possible once you open for business (smile).
Sabrina Ehrenfeld
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201A 1:30-3:20
7 October 2011

Entrepreneurship Tour

Extra Credit: Business Entrepreneurship Presentation

The Business entrepreneurship presentation was very helpful and knowledgeable in many different ways. In the future I desire to operate my own business. The presenters were very thorough with the information they provided. They did a good
job explaining all of the necessary steps required to start up a new business. I really liked how the presentation was organized.

Opening a business takes time, effort, and more importantly, patience. When opening a business, whether it’s selling a product or a service, it requires knowledge and hard work in order to be successful. Sometimes, people start out small and start out at flea markets and from there you could end up BIG. Anything is possible with dedication and in most cases there are opportunities to succeed. The people explaining the whole business deal really made me think of how interesting and fun it would be to invest and earn money.

I also noticed how one guy presenting started out working for Honda and moved up to selling Ferrari’s. I love the idea of starting out small and expanding by making business cards and spreading the word. In order to enter the business world, math is a desired skill to have. It is beneficial to be skilled counting and computing numbers. Business is very complicated but as soon as you get the hang of it, it is easier to learn how to manage a business.

Good management skills can also lead to becoming successful. I like how in business class our work relates to math most of the time and we learn the operations of business. In class we learn about Cash, Accounts Receivable, Merchandise, Inventory, Office Equipment, Accounts Payable and much more. This presentation about business was very interesting and I hope to someday visit it again or something similar to it. I learned a lot and wrote down very thorough notes on helpful tips.

I hope that the accounting class I am taking right now takes me far and will help me someday in getting a job or anything else I’d like to do. Accounting is very useful and it also helps me be a mentor to others and suggest the class to them.
Business can be fun and interesting at the same time just like chemistry. Overall, I think this presentation really motivated me in opening a shop that sells
pastries. I think that it’s the main attraction for customers.

I am double majoring in Biology and Business. Business seems complicated but manageable over time as I come to understand it more. I really do see myself opening a family business one day on Park Street or San Francisco in one of the main attraction sites. I hope to visit one of these presentations again at College of Alameda so I can learn more about a particular subject.
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