Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Cyber-Assignment & Homework

Today we reviewed the chapter on Be-Verbs. The freewrite is a response to the following questions:

From Evolution of a Revolutionary

Why did Jasmine Guy want to write this book? Describe the relationship between Guy and Afeni. How does Guy's relationship with Afeni differ from Michael Eric Dyson's relationship with Tupac Shakur? What does Afeni want Guy to show with her story? Describe their first interview session.

2. Quiz (Be-Verbs)

3. Correct GE1 (didn't get to)

4. Homework: Keep reading Guy (chapters 3-4) 49-68; (chapters 5-6) 69-88. For Monday, October 17 (Chapters 5-7, 89-144). October 20 161 (chapter 8). October 24 189(chapter 9).

5. Some students turned their assignments in today. There were two essays due. If you didn't turn them in today, turn them in tomorrow. The Be-Verb essay is due oct. 13.

For Monday, October 24, bring in your initial planning sheet to share. Essay due Tuesday/Wednesday, October 25/26.

Final draft due between: Thursday, October 26 and Tuesday, Nov. 1. Print a copy of the essay and attach it to the peer review. Make sure the peer review is electronic and is signed by the student who writes it. You will also email the essay to me pasted and attached. We'll practice this in class a few times to make sure you are comfortable with it. The next two essays will be submitted entirely on-line.

Students should bring in the book they plan to read for the third essay Tuesday-Wednesday, November 1/2 to share.

Jasmine Guy wanted to write a book on Afeni Shakur because Guy's life was influence by Shakur's life struggles and how she fought for her freedom in her own way. (ix-x)
The relationship between Guy and Shakur are that they are friends that know each other personally. They have learned a lot from one another over the decade they have been friends.(x)
It differs from Dyson and Tupac because they did not know each other personally as Guy and Shakur did.
Afeni wants Guy to show that you could get through the garbage problems in life if you just push through it and work for what you believe in. (x)
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