Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Note to those who are behind

Many students who have missed a lot of class and are behind in Pidd ask me if they can do a special project to make up for missing work or substitute other assignments for one's assigned.

Students can always write more, but this is not a restaurant where one has carte blanche. A missing assignment grade is still zero. Students who have skipped Pidd are not going to be able to write a passing essay, and when given the opportunity to revise an essay, they will not know where to start. Students can only revise 2 essays of the four and only if they are not passing essays.

Students have to pass all their essays with a C or better to pass the class: Nature Nurture Essay or Destiny vs. Choice; The Dyson Essay Topic; Book Report Essay and Social Entrepreneur Essay.

Pidd is a rehearsal.

Two essays will be written this month and two in November. Presentations and portfolio are the first week in December 1, 5 & 6. Portfolio workshops Dec. 7-8. Final portfolios are emailed to me. We do not have a sitting final. All portfolios are due the last day of finals no later than 12 noon, no exceptions.

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