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Under the Influence Cyber-Assignment

Post the collaborative essay here.

After completing the three paragraph essay, we then ran the Possessives exercises and identified the errors. We will review the templates on Thursday. Students who got their essays back (I know, finally), have 7 days to get it back to me. Revise it while my comments are fresh in your mind.

Homework is also to keep reading Evolution of a Revolutionary. If you have completed the Possessives templates go on to Parallel Structure and then Subject Verb Agreement.

I returned the Pidd essays from Pronoun Case to Point of View. We will correct them together Thursday along, as I said, the Possessive templates. We will not write the essay, just go over the templates for the chapter. Keep all of your work.

Leslie Meekins
Professor Sabir
English 201 A 1:30-3:20
October 18, 2011

Role Models
Truth for some
Music can take one away from reality or help one cope with it. Rap music is known for the stories it tells about Americans who are dealing with issues of poverty and violence. Perhaps gangster rappers exploit these vulnerabilities for capitalist reasons, nonetheless, for many urban youth; in places like Oakland, CA, violence is a reality. In the last couple of weeks there have been three killings perhaps many more to come. Rap artists can be role models, like Oakland artist, 50 Cents who volunteered at Youth Uprising. He shared his story of entrepreneurism with the youth there. When asked about his misogynistic lyrics he stated that he wasn’t going to promote his lyrical content just the business of rap. This issue is one that came up at Spellman College Nelly wanted to contribute to the school and say a few words but didn’t want to talk about his Tip Drill video where he exploits women and views them in a unprofessional way.
Zena O, Keno M, Jennifer H, Jason K

Under the Influence of Music

Music can take away from reality. Hip-hop and rap has currupted the view of the African American man to the older generation leading to a multi-generational prejudice against African Americans. Hip-hop being one of the most popular genres of music gives a reflection of American culture and everyday life. Alot of hip-hop music makes African Americans look bad because of the drug use and how they write about abusing women and using them for sexual purposes, like a good drug many can get lost on the vulgar lines and beats.
Lyla Holloway
Diego Saldana
Arthur Gilbert
Joseph McFarland
Professor Sabir
Englsih 201B 1:30-3:20
20 October 2011

Under the Influence

Many rap artist are driven by the money and the fame not the art, however, there are artist who appreciate the value of the music. The upside is that the artist who make money will give back to their communities and take care of their families. The negative aspects of the phenominon is that it gives the artist a false sense of power because it makes them feel like a diete within their world.

We live in a society were young males in the inner cities growing up are being influenced by mainstream rap artist based upon learning how to make money and becoming an alfa male.

Being that we live in a capatalisitic society. Hip hop is driven by money, but it also is driven by oppression, empowerment, recognition and greed. The mediea acts as a gateway or magnifying glass to the peole to influence their lives and make a profit.
Julio Orantes
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201B 1:30-3:20pm
18 October 2011

Under the influence of music

Gangster Rap is good influence because it brings out feelings and be able to express themselves and towards the public ,but mostly some people take gangster rap in a bad way because it expose to a lot of drama that includes drugs and violence. But to some women take gangster rap is a bad thing because they believe its offensive when they see music videos of men use credit cards to slide on girls butts ,but most of its just business.
Sabrina Ehrenfeld
Professor Sabir
English 201A 1:30-3:20
October 18, 2011

Under the Influence

Gangster rap is supposed to be a good and bad influence in a way because, on one hand it can bring bad expressions by teenagers listening to it. Theres a lot of profanity and derogatory language in the music about guns, and violence which may have a teenager act out. And, on the good hand it brings out different emotions and feelings in people, because people love that type of music to dance to, sing to, or later on pursue a rapping career. Some people would take gangster rap offensively because, one may think that the music has misused slang, bad words, or kids shouldnt even be listening to it. In way it brings up a good point because who wants their kid to listen to music with violence and guns? but, on the other hand teenagers like to listen to this type of music and want to pursue a career later on, in music. Rappers usually, rap about their life, what they went through, hardships. Which, may seem bad for teenagers to listen to. Some rappers use women in their songs, and make them sound used for sexual purposes, and people are most upset about that.
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