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Today in the early class we read the first essay in the package on Muhammad Yunus. We identified the topic and talked about the thesis. We never articulated it. In a short essay response, (250 words) analyze the article. Talk about its premise. We said it was about innovation and innovators, like Muhammad Yunus.

Talk about the evidence the writers use and its effectiveness. Discuss the ease with which the writers use signal phrases to connect ideas and let us know more about their experts highlighted in examples.

Look at the organization of the essay. How does it start? How do you know when it is ending? What are some of the clues?

Look at the writer's style. Talk about the kind of examples they use. How Muhammad Yunus is referred to again and again and how specifically the writers bring him back into the discussion without jumping or losing the continual reference to innovation and innovators.

What do you like about the piece and how it is written? How will you use this article to help strengthen your own writing style?

This assignment is different from the previous one where students are asked to summarize the articles (2).

Ben Towers
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201B Mon-Thur 8am
8 November 2011
Cyber assignment Innovators
In this article the author states some very good points about the poverty in the world today. The authors Jurriaan Kamp and Marco Visscher talk about a man named Muhammad Yunus who was an innovator of his time. The article goes on explaining the importance of making affordable loans to poverty stricken people. The 34 year old man Yunus ,thought up an idea to make small line of credit available to people in need of small loans. He called this idea a Microcredit. The article later supports his idea by stating that almost 98 percent of the loans were paid back. Most importantly for banks supplying this credit, the loans were paid on time. This started a craze to many nations when numbers like that appeared regarding payments. What I like about the article and how it is written is the fact that the authors tie in something so real and current. In the world today the economy is financially hurting. This article being so current brings to light some of the thing the banks must do to get people back their homes or just improving their credit in general. Banks must help the people rebuild this country financially to make it back into the powerhouse it once was. I like this article because I can use it to fine tune my writing skills. It will help me take a subject or person and remember to use them throughout my papers. It will help me build on them with facts and sources making my case more clear than before.
Ayo Hogue 10077222
English 201a m-th 8a
Professor Sabir
According to Malcolm Gladwell,"There are three types of people all of whom play a crucial role in helping bring an idea into the world..."(Kamp and Visscher.44)Connectors Mavens and Salespeople is what he was refering to saying Yunus embodies at least two of them. Most of today's entrepreneeurs are from foreign countries; even within the united states. "...seeds of progress" (Kamp and Visscher.44) which must be cultivated, exist all around. New innovative idea's and break throughs will occur, yet it is up to every individual who will seek change to make that initial step toward progress
Respond to the assignment precisely. Ben continue with your analysis of how the writers use Muhammad Yunus as an example of a person who has an innovative idea.

How do they move from this specific example to the general statements about innovators and innovative thoughts?

If you can state the process, often it helps one repeat the action.
Corazon Tinio
Professor Wanda Sabir 
English 201a 8am
10 November 2011

     The article is about the social entrepreneurship that was led by Mohammed Yunus. His campaign started in Bangladesh when Yunus was 34 in 1974. He had this idea to loan some money to people. He devised a system called Microcredit which allows poor people to get loan to start a business. His ideas were mock by many. Yunus believed in giving poor people a chance. He claims that these people had no choice, they are shoved in a box and marked "poor". He adds " in order to eradicate poverty, you have to start thinking differently: you have to treat poor people the way you wanna be treated"(47). Yunus believes that everyone should have the same access to various sources. 
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