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Portfolio Checklist

This checklist can serve as the table of contents. Put a check next to the items to show inclusion in the portfolio. Use as the second page to the portfolio, after the cover sheet. Where there are questions for the section, students can post the answers to the narrative there.

Number the pages with a header.

Name ______________________________
Date ______________________________
Class including class code and semester ____________________
Address _______________________________________
Phone number __________________________________
Email address__________________________________

ENG 201 A
40015 Lec 08:00-08:50 MTWTh Sabir A 200
40019 Lec 01:30-03:20 PM T/Th Sabir A 202

English 201B
40020 Lec 08:00-08:50 MTWTh Sabir C 200
40024 Lec 01:30-03:20 PM MW Sabir A 200
Final Exam: 8-10 AM, Friday, Dec.16 or 12-2 PM, Tuesday, Dec. 13 (Portfolios due via e-mail. There is no sitting exam.)

Dec. 7 12 noon to 2 p.m.
Drop-in Portfolio assembly workshop in A-205 _______________

Portfolio Due Date

Portfolios due by Friday, Dec. 16, 2011, 12 Noon electronically. Make sure you receive a receipt for your submission. No paper copies, no exceptions.

Grade Justification

What grade do you think you've earned this semester? What evidence supports this conclusion?

1. Portfolio Essay 1 Reflection on COA Fall 2011, Professor Sabir’s English Class_______

The narrative will look at the 18 weeks, the themes we looked at this semester: the role family and community have in shaping the lives of its inhabitants, also how much control we have over our lives and their outcome. Are people ever stuck in situations they cannot or will not change?

We also read stories of forgiveness and faith, love and guilt. Friendship and parenting were other themes explored in the texts along with the power of art to change one's life and the lives of others both negatively and positively.

What have you learned about yourself this semester? What have you learned about the discipline you are studying here: reading and writing that you plan to carry forth into your lifelong pursuit of learning.

Please also comment on the texts and whether or not they were helpful in this process. You can also talk about the instruction, culture of the class and the teacher. You can also offer suggestions.

2. Portfolio Essay 2 Reflection on revision process__________________

3. Stewart Pidd Hates English Section:

The Stewart Pidd Experience _________
Multiple Choice Exam 1and 2 essay _________

Social Entrepreneur Portfolio

Planning _____________

Library Research sheet _______________(if you did it)
List of sources (5) minimum in MLA format (post here)

Essay: Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis__________
First Draft (peer review)__________
Final Draft Grade ______________
Revisions (How many?)_____________
Pidd type essay ________________ or narrative ____________

SE Presentation date ___________
Self-reflection __________
Classmate responses __________

Frontline World ___________
Muhammad Yunus ___________
Extreme Tour Oct. 7, 2011 (Extra Credit)____________

Nature vs. Nurture Portfolio

Book: Afeni Shakur: Evolution of a Revolutionary by Jasmine Guy
First Graded Draft __________
Revisions (How many?) _________
Correction Essays How Many?____________
Planning ___________
Peer Review _________
Related Cyber-Assignments _________

Hip Hop Portfolio: Dyson, Tupac, Hurt

Michael Erik Dyson: Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur
Cyber-Assignments (How many?) ___________
Byron Hurt’s “Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes” Essay__________
Planning _________
Revisions (How many?) ________
Correction Essays (How many?) ___________

Cyber-Assignments connected to Hurt_________

The Rose that Grew from Concrete Assignments

Cyber-Assignments (How many?) _________
Tupac-related cyber-assignments such as freewrites connected to songs (how many?) ________

(Any in-class freewrites not posted on the blog, type and put in this section. How many? ___________

Semester Cyber-assignments
How many? ______________

Extra Credit Essay: Students can turn in a graded essay from another course if the other teacher doesn’t mind. It has to use research and MLA style documentation, so certain courses are not applicable.

Anything else?____________________________________________________________________

Teacher research
Can I use your work in presentations and publications? Would you like to be anonymous? If I plan on using your essays or work in a book, I will let you know and share any proceeds.

Yes, I agree.
No, do not use my work.

Final Grade

Portfolio checklist _____________
Portfolio Essay 1_______________
Portfolio Essay 2_______________
Portfolio Grade_________

Course Grade_________

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