Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We started SPHE this afternoon. We previewed the textbook, read the essay on MLA, looked over the works cited section and landed in Paraphrasing and Plagarism. I had some copies of this section and gave them to students who do not have the book yet.

All but two students have not had the Pidd Experience, so we will run the book over the next six weeks. Homeowork this weekend is to complete the package, pages 330-347 or in the second edition, pages 339-to the end of the book. Work until you get stuck or tired, about ten pages is fine.

Also for homework, students are to do a literal paraphrase of a paragraph from the essay on Hamster Thinking (smile). Bring in the paraphrase to class to share (typed is best). Type the original and the paraphrase.

Third and last, read or watch and take notes of the President's State of the Union Address. Here is a link: and

You can check them against each other. They are both supposed to be full text. The first post is also the footage. Oh I forgot to go to the White House website where I am sure the speech is documented.

Lastly, bring in SPHE, your dictionary, and House on Mango Street and Yummy next week. We will start with Yummy.

Students worked in groups and individually on the exercises. We took to quizzes on Confused Words and Sentence Punctuation, the first two chapters in SPHE. We will go over those chapters next. If you have any spare time, you can keep doing the exercises. We are going to complete them all9smi (smile). If you want to get ahead, I am hosting a Pidd Experience Boot camp being this coming Monday 10:30-11:30 AM at my office D-219. You are welcome to join us.

27 January 2012
Ms. Sabir
Octavis Henry

I was wondering if you knew that the links you posted were out dated..... well I took the task of making sure that the latest speech was posted via link-hopefully this will be extra credit!(hint hint) oh well if not LOL! Have an excellent weekend everyone!
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