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YUMMY Cyber-Response

Post your character profile here. When reading the book, what comes to mind when one considers the impact environment has on character, ethics and behavior?

Did Robert Sandifer have a chance at a normal life? What about the narrator, what is keeping him from ending up just like his neighbor?

How does the form of G. Neri's book, a graphic novel work in the interests of the story? How does the form of the novel help with the storytelling?

Talk about the illustrations. What other stories is Randy DuBurke telling that overlaps and expands the narrative? How do you think the illustrator and the author worked together?

Using the library database, find information that answers this question of collaborative storytelling between the two, Neri and DuBurke. Have the author and illustrator worked on projects together in the past? Is Yummy a different direction for them? Were there any specific challenges inherent in the graphic novel format or in this story specifically?

Neri speaks about his audience on his website? Who is he writing to? Talk about the use of current events as an inspiration for Neri. Clue, look at his first book.

You might not be able to answer all these questions, and I am not asking you to answer them now before our next meeting, just keep them in mind. I will have more (smile).

Here is a link to the Time Magazine article on Sandifer:

This is another article, from People Magazine of Robert's funeral:,,20103912,00.html

Ashley Harris- Ludlow
Alfonso Juarez
Chantharara Seng
Asia Thompson
Rhevly Ambrose
English 201 A & B
January 30, 2012

-They call him Yummy because he like to eat a lot of sweets(Page 7).

- His real name is Robert Sandifer and he was eleven years old(Page 7).

-He is 4 feet and 60 pounds(page7).

- He live in Chicago(page 4).

- Yummy grew up in a bad neighborhood called Roseland(page 6).

-Yummy was in a gang called the Black Disciples (page 8).

- He was raised by his grandmother because his mom and dad was in jail (page 21).

- Yummy like to steal things (page 25).

-He commits murder (page 9).

-Yummy was insecure about his teddy bear because people use to tease him (page 29).

-He didn't have a concept of good and bad because he was always in juvenile hall (page 28).

-Yummy killed a fourteen year old girl named Shavon Dean who everyone in the neighborhood knew because he wanted to get a name for himself from the older gang members (page 9).

-They took Yummy and his siblings from his mom because he was being abused physically (page 22).

Viola Merino
Tyjohn Sykes
Regina Cannon
Maryam Scott
Estefany Angnlo
Alex Gil
Demetrius Phillips
Hong Dao
Wanda Sabir
English 201a & 201b
30 January 2012

Today we read some of: "Yummy the Last Days of a Southside Shorty" written by G. Neri. We were asked to characterize Yummy. Here are the characterizations we were able to locate within the book:

• Yummy was from Roseland Chicago (6).
• Yummy liked cookies and sweets; hence, the nickname (7).
• Yummy’s real name was Robert (7).
• Robert was eleven years old, four feet tall, and weighed 60 pounds (7).
• He was a member of a gang called the Black Disciples (8).
• Robert Sandifer (Yummy’s full name) was wanted for the murder of Shavon Dean (10-11).
• Yummy’s father was incarcerated on drug convictions (21).
• Yummy’s mother had numerous drug and prostitution charges, and was constantly in and out of jail (21).
• Yummy had scars and burns all over his body from the abuse of his mother (22).
• Social services sent Yummy to live with his grandmother (23).
• Yummy was always looking for people to rob or things to steal (24-28).
• Yummy owned a teddy bear (29).
• Yummy was always getting into fights (30).
Songkham Lankhamdaeng
Rohan Mahavjan
Myungshin Kim
Teshia Free
Stephanie Bewosoe

- Troubled childhood

- Yummy real name was Robert Sandifer.

- He got the nickname Yummy because of his sweet tooth for candy.

- He was from the slums of Chicago.

- He was Raised mostly by his grandmother.

- He ran with a gang called the Black Disciples.

- Yummy was only 11 years old.

- He had no conscious of right or wrong.

- He developed a criminal history on the streets and with the law.

- He shot and killed a 14 year old girl named Shavon Dean which lived on the same block as he did.

- He was abused as a by his parents.

- His parents was in jail.

- He ran the streets.

- He was feared by other kids.

- Yummy was a thief.
Octavis Henry
Wanda Sabir
English 201A
31 January 2012

Robert Sandifer an 11 year old a native of Chicago, Informally known as "Yummy" was a confused kid. He was raised in a dysfunctional household which contributed to the life he chose to live. He solicited guidance from a well known gang who ruled the neighborhood that he lived in "The black disciples", they accept him only to use him for their own benefit. "Yummy" was a four foot tall and sixty pounds. some were afraid of his tough mannerisms so the dignitaries used that to there advantage. they made him do assignments that they would otherwise get in trouble for. In those day a young boy like "Yummy" would get a slap on the wrist for certain offenses. In trying to impress his superiors one day "Yummy" spots some of his gangs rivals. He wants a title so bad he attempts to kill the gangs rivals and by accident he shoots and kills 14 year old girl whom he grew up with "Shavon Dean". He goes on the run and at first his fellow brothers assisted him with moving him from abandon house to abandon house all to keep him safe. after a while they were tired of the publicity from the news so they had to make a decision. on the last day of "Yummy's" life he calls his grandmother seeking help. all the while his brothers find him and persuades him to come with them on a vacation. well unfortunately he never makes the vacation because he was murdered by his so called brother. some say that "Yummy" was sweet, while others call him a monster. It was also stated that he was a victim and he was bullied. I agree! The real "Yummy" was the smart little boy who carried a teddy bear and had a terrible sweet tooth. If there was a more positive male model in his life he probably would still be alive today. He only wanted to fit in and him wanting to fit in cost him his life. the graphics and the style of the book was a little hard to follow but the pictures help keep me interested!
Testate Kekeba
Fursan Mohamed
Hinok Atebeha
Sae lee Chai
Sosorbaram Bayaraa
Wanda Sabir
English 201 A&B
February 1, 2012

Robert Sandifer, 11 years old kid with really bad background. He is parents was in jail. He was born in Roseland Chicago (7). People call "Yummy" because, he loves candies and sweets. Also they call him "Shorty". He is 4 feet tall and 60 pounds(7). He is gang member of "Black Disciples". Very violent. He killed Shavon Dean (9) 14 years old girl. He likes big cars.
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