Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today, I handed out library research worksheets. I have provided links to these sheets here.

The book report essay is approaching. I will post the assignment sheets here as well. I will give students a paper copy on Monday.

We reviewed how to use Microsoft Comment (Review) and how to send in your essay:

1. Final Draft
2. Initial Planning Sheet
3. Outline
4. Peer Review
5. Cyber Assignments and Freewrites applicable to the topic "Always Running". We found 1 assignment. There might be more.

Make certain to include the assignment and semester in the subject line. If your name is not in your email, then include that as well as your class: Wanda Sabir Always Running Portfolio English 201A Spring 2012

Email to: Don't forget to copy yourself. Paste the portfolio in the body of the email and attach it.

Research Tools

1. Visit

2. for the assignment: Evaluating a web page. Students need to open this document to complete the earlier assignment.

Other resources

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