Wednesday, May 09, 2012



1. Freewrite: House on Mango Street--today this was to be the freewrite, but no one brought his or her books, so for homework choose between 2-3 chapters to read and respond to.

Bring all the Mango freewrites to class Monday in one document. We will print the pages and make our books.

Each student should have minimally 10 chapters or 10 freewrites. You can have more.

2. Book Report Essay presentations. Five students presented today. The students who did not present, can present the day of the final.

The presentations were great, some better than others. Visuals help one's audience stay engaged. A story board helps. If your book has been made into film, show us a clip (smile). You do not have to tell us the entire story, just prove your thesis.

Next week is the last week of classes. I will host a Portfolio workshop the week of finals. I hope students will be able to make it.

3. Revisions of returned essays--workshop. Next week, students who have revisions due, make sure you understand my comments.

4. Other homework: Bring in all graded assignments Monday. SE essay: keep becoming an expert. Write a fast draft for Wednesday to share. We will have an informal peer/teacher review. Everyone should bring in an outline.

Students are still having trouble developing thesis sentences. A thesis sentence is a declarative sentence, a statement of fact. It is not an absolute fact or a question. It is an assertion one has to prove with evidence. It is an assertion that is debatable, which means your audience does not have to agree with you.

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