Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Respond to classmate's presentations. If you presented, write a self-reflection. Note your strengths and area for improvement.

Lyndas presentation was good because she was verry prepared with a power point presentation.
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Keno Mapps respons to Tesfaye Kekeba presintation
I fell that Tesfye fells very deeply about his book bastard out of Carolina. it seemed to me that we enjoyed writing about the little girl Bone Anny Boatwrught. Hearing about this book man me think about all the kids in the world today that are abused on a daily bases.

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Keno mapps response to Myngshin Kims presentation

The book Myngshin chouse for his book report is Hearts and Hands by Rodriguez, Luis J. He said that after reading always running also written by Luis he wanted to know more about this author that had such a troubled life. He also touched on how gang member became gang members, saying that abuse was a big part of why kids join them.
Myungshin Kim
Professor Sabir
13 May 2012

Lyndas presentation was nice with well made powerpoint.

My strength was that I had a nice book to introduce to the class.

I was weak on presenting my book interesting and visual powerpoint.
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