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SE Cyber-Assignment Reflection and Comments

We had fun making books last week, our final class meeting. Today those who made it were also in for a treat as students presented their SE essays and some book reports.

Keno's SE, the founder of EBay who now owns Pay pal was great, especially the short video he shared which talked about the entrepreneur's personal journey and his philosophy one which I am certain many entrepreneurs profiled also share, like Rohan's John Wood, whose Room to Read sounds like a fantastic effort.

I also like Keno's great storytelling skills presented not just in his SE presentation but also in the gripping tale of Buck in Call of the Wild, another book on my summer reading list.

Rohan was similarly bitten by inspiration when he met his entrepreneur in the Frontline World Video and then went on to read his memoir. That Wood is improving the lives of people in his home country, people who are not related to him, makes Rohan even more enthusiastic.

Similarly Luis Rodriguez has lit many fires and inspired many students like the trio: Kong, Sam, and Myung who did a wonderful presentation. They even had a bit of Mexican folkloric music --a nice touch. I loved the way, Tesfaye told the same story with flare. Pen in hand, he illustrated Rodriguez's desire to fill an niche in his community by opening the book store community center in East LA. Likewise, Stephanie told yet another story about Rodriquez entertainingly. He is a man none of us tires of.

Patrice's personal involvement in the organization she told us about Youth Learning Culture Institute was great, especially when I looked at the two women, and realized I had met them before. It was great seeing her three children in the newpaper article too.

Hong or Lynda is great with the powerpoint presentation. We reviewed her research last week and the presentation reflected a deeper look at Ralf Hotchkiss. Kong's presentation on a book by Bruce Lee was also inspiring. The book is a great one to carry in one's car or back pocket for those moments when one needs a bit of sunshine.

Stephanie's choice of The Handmaiden's Tale was also fun. I love Margaret Atwood and a new film is out based on a lecture, now book looking at what we owe. Check it out. It opened a few weeks ago. I had the director, Jennifer Baichwal, also Canadian on my radio show last month talking about Payback.

My interview with LR is at:

Write a self-reflection on your presentation. What improved between the book report essay and this one?

Secondly, write a brief reponse for your peers. Talk about their strengths. What worked well? Include both in your porfolio in the SE section. There is a line for each comment.

Myungshin Kim
Professor Sabir
English 201B
23 May 2012

Write a self-reflection on your presentation. What improved between the book report essay and this one?
The major change I made in social entrepreneur presentation was I used power point this time, so I could use some pictures that helped understanding the contents. It was easier to memorize and say things I wanted to present. Besides this technology improvement, it would be better if I had more fluency in my speech.

Secondly, write a brief response for your peers. Talk about their strengths. What worked well? Include both in your portfolio in the SE section. There is a line for each comment.
Lynda- I liked her power point which was clear and focused on the topic.
Patrice- I was surprised she volunteers for a foodbank. Her personal story of involvement was inspiring.
Tesfaye- He was full of enthusiasm. I think he has a skill to get attentions from listeners.
Rohan- He explained well about his social entrepreneur. I also liked Room to Read.
Keno- Keno made his point nicely by using the interview of the ebay founder. It was surprising ebay founder was a normal soft engineer and did not expect his success.
Stephanie- She explained her story interesting. I liked her way of speaking.
Kong- His book was definitely good and I liked he shared the famous “water quote’ at the end. “Be water my friend!” still lingers in my ears.
Keno Mapp II
Professor Sabir
English 201B 1:00-3:00
May 24, 2012

I think I could have been more prepared, and also would have liked to have showed my other two videos but other than that I think I did a good job. As far as improvements between my book report and my other papers. I put a little more time in to this one and it shows!

Rhan Maharjan-This was a story of a man that worked for Microsoft and decided to stop and move to Nepal to change it for the better witch too few of us do. Rhan seemed to fell very strongly about not just this book but the idea of helping the people of his home country .

Hang Pao- Seem as if the front line world assignment stuck a cord, reflected in the amount of research that was done in this presentation.

Tesfaye- he truly has a skill for presentations with good eye contacted and use of visual add.

Kong- it was very cool that he did his presentation on Bruce Lee. It seemed like the book realy mad an impression on him.

Stephanie- very to the point still added in some good point that were not stated before in the other Luis Rodriguez presentation.

Patrice- it was cool that she was so close to her SE’s and also the face that her kids were a part of it.
Rohan Maharjan
Wanda Sabir
English 201A
23 May 2012

Self Reflection

Well i think my presentation went smoothly and it flow very nicealy at the same time because i knew all the information i need on my presentation but i was kinda nervouse when i spoke first sentence but after my nervousness went away....Next time, when i do presentation .. i will make that i feel confident about it and do it better than this one ....Talking about book report essay and social entrepreneur .. i think i went pretty depth on social entrepreneur because we were doing a lot of research about it and helped me more information than books...on the book portion i wasnt thinking that much but in social entreprener i was thinking a lot about the people and how it could affect somebody life if we have a social entreprenuer in the community..

Peer review...

Linda, Patrice, Tesfaye, Keno, Stephanie and kong did a wonderful presentation. i was able to learn something new from every group. Everybody had different topic and they spoke about new ideas..Also, they used different style to present it and i think i was amazing. Overall, it was great presentation by all and knew what they were doing but only problem is that next time we do presentation, we have to be confident about speaking...

Peer review..
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