Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Week 2, Day 1

Today in class we previewed Stewart Pidd Hates English and then did two quizzes: Confused Word Review and Sentence Punctuation. These are from the first two chapters in the book. If students have the book, start doing the exercises. The college book store said the books will be in for next week. They ordered them today.

We concluded the class with Guy's book, Afeni Shakur: Evolution of a Revolutionary. Homework was to get the books for Thursday. I keep hearing some students cry about money for textbooks, but said students are not checking to see which public library caries the books needed now, Guy and Shakur. SPHE is in the library on reserve.

There are about 5 copies. Do the exercises and jot down the answers. Take notes on the concepts. We will complete essay one for next week. We will go over the exercises Thursday.

Many students posted their Adler essays on the blog. Many did not. If you want feedback on the cyber-assignments, print me a copy and turn it in.

Students got a copy of the syllabus. Read the one on-line. I also emailed it to everyone. There are two assignments due this week. This is your homework too.

There were many new students and quite a few absent students. Do not miss class. One absence can really impact your learning, especially during the early months in class where we are laying the foundation. When you miss class, do not ask me what you missed (smile). Read the blog and then ask a classmate. If there is uncertainty after that, ask me.

We will develop our literature circles next week. Don't forget, each assigned book: Guy and Dyson, include a reading and vocabulary log. You will turn this in with the essay.

Oh, on the Farai essays, I didn't receive them all last Thursday. If you didn't turn it in, give it to me this Thursday.

Shuluo Fu
Professor Sabir
English 201A

Summary( On Respect)
   Farai Cbideya, the author of On Respect, emphasizes an important point about this article, that is: although you are a black woman, you should be yourself and you should be on respect.
   First of all, the author describes the experiences when she moved to Los Angeles, which was associated with racial problems. However, the author shows her attitude to her audience that"should we let the pain of racial slights roll off our backs? Or should we aggressively fight every injustice? The answer is by no means clear", which means that black woman should be get rid of these racial problems by themselves. Afterward, the author recalls her personal incidents in Los Angeles, where she gave an unfair treatment when she went to a college for a speech by a cab. Through the incident, the author tries to tells us a real circumstance for being black today, especially for a black woman. Moreover, the author give a further illustration: the identity should be depend on what they do with our self-esteem, instead of being defined by others' assumption. In order to point out her illustration, she tells her audiences that"identity is a Zen koan, a riddle" and "the worst thing about any group identity is that it becomes fixed, Procrustean".
   After all, wherever a black woman move through the world, they should be theirselves, a kind of self that seeking for freedom, accepting everything included the joy and pain, and standing out in this society even though you are not be appreciated by others. "Seek to keep your light, and illuminate your unique place in the sky " is the most vivid example to describe everything in the author's mind.

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