Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The Prepared Student

Today in class there were many students who were not able to participate because they did not have their materials. The Rose That Grew from Concrete worked for many students as the poems were on-line as well, but Evolution of a Revolutionary is not on-line, nor is Stewart Pidd Hates English.

There were about seven students who were prepared today for a discussion and others, who brought their books and used the time to catch up on their reading. At about 2:40 we all got together and completed quite a bit of SPHE chapter 1, Confused Words. '

Homework is to complete the exercises in SPHE (this assignment was given last week.) We will write the essay next week: Punctuating Sentences. Next week is also the first meeting between 9:30-10:30 on Mondays of the Writing Workshop in the space outside my office D-219 (D-214). Bring Pidd so you can get ahead.

Students were encouraged to read ahead. Read the Chapter 2 for Sept. 6; Chapter 3 for Sept. 10-13. Again, bring all your notes to class.

The students who were not prepared will be assigned Literature Circles on Thursday after our Library Orientation.

Ping Johnson
Professor Sabir
English 201 A
Sept 5, 2012

The words "As long as you are with me, we'll ride the river together" indicate the difference between teamwork and individual practice. Working as a teammate, first of all, it may relieve some kind of pressure off their mind. They can count on other people to be on your side. In this way, they may function effectively to the ultimo level. Secondly, it is like that the talent and the strength gets multiple, therefore the success rate gets multiple as well. There is a saying in China:"Three commanders' wisdom is wiser than one chief general". Basically it talks about people work in group can consciously generate collective wisdom better than those who work alone.

Word cited:
poem " A River that Flows Forever" from ROSE THAT GREW IN THE CONCRETE

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