Thursday, October 25, 2012


Class Recap

Today in class we watched one of the Frontline World episodes on Social Entrepreneurs and talked about this assignment. Here is a link to the summary of that program.

Homework is to catch up in Pidd. We are at Possessives. Today we did the Possessives and POV quizzes. I returned the Synthetica Essays to students who had emailed them to me.

I have read all the Afeni essays.

If I haven’t read yours, it means I did not see it. I only received one McCall essay today. They were due.  Remember, this is the substitute assignment for Dyson. The book report essay is due in November, check the date. Many students have stated that they plan to use Dyson instead for this assignment. 
I don’t want students to use Dyson for this assignment. I want you to choose another book of your own. I know what I said, I changed my mind (smile). If you plan to write the Dyson essay, you do not have to write the McCall essay.

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