Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Essay Exam 1 Complete; MCE 1

Today in class one student completed Essay Exam 1, and turned it in. If you missed the first essay exam, and want to make up the -0- grade, make an arrangement with me to make it up within the next week. You can make it up this Wednesday or Thursday this week. Perhaps Monday next week during my office hour.

Everyone completed the MCE 1. the total correct was 50. Students took their exams home. Homework is to write a short narrative analysing your errors per section. Give the total for each section, cite the questions you missed and give the grand total out of 50.

A sample introduction and first paragraph could be this:
                                 Choosing One's Death Is Easier than Passing this Exam

I just completed the Multiple Choice Exam 1 from Stewart Pidd Hates English. I hate this book (smile). Out of 50 possible, I missed 10--not bad, but I expected to do better. The exam was divided into sections and of the five sections: list them, I missed the most in the Sentence Punctuation errors.

I only missed one question in "Confused Words." I am still unclear on the whole "lie/lay" scenario  When is the correct word "lie" and when is it "lay," still confuses me. I think I need to substitute the words: "recline" and the phrase "to put or place" when thinking of which one to use. Take for instance number five: "Kookie Rama (s. lies/ b. lays) in bed and smokes unfiltered Camels", I wrote "lays," instead of "lies" or "reclines." I'll do better next time (smile).

Homework Continued

Reading homework is to complete the first section in Dyson's Holler. Read up to chapter 4 (105). For next Tuesday read Portraits of an Artist. For Thursday, Oct. 18 read "Do We Hate Our Women." Finish the book for October 23.

Today we also practiced literal paraphrasing. We will continue doing this in class on Thursday. Bring your books to class. We will spend most if not all class in Dyson, going over the first section using summarizing and paraphrasing. We are meeting in A-205 now on Thursdays.

We are going on a field trip Thursday, Oct. 18 to see Hamlet at Cal Shakespeare Company at the Bruns Memorial Amphitheatre in Orinda. Tickets are $20. We are going to carpool. The play starts at 1:30. We will probably leave the campus at 12:30 PM. You can bring lunch or snacks, dress warmly in layers. Sometimes it is cold up there. It is an outdoor theatre.

Here is a link to the theatre: http://www.calshakes.org/v4/ourplays/2012_Hamlet.html

More Homework
In Pidd keep doing the exercises up to "Essay 3: Point of View." We can go over the essay on Thursday. If everything is clear, finish the essay and turn it in.

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