Tuesday, December 11, 2012



We met at the restaurant this afternoon for the final. Almost everyone came, so we had a nice time eating and discussing social entrepreneurship. Geno, Ping and Shuluon all spoke about the organization KIVA, a micro lending organization co-founded in San Francisco by Matt Flannery. It was great watching how they adapted their presentations, so that no one repeated the other person. It was an active lesson in synthesis as well as good listening skills.

Jack spoke about Delancy Street's founder, Mimi Silbert, and Tova shared information about Salman Khan, who uses technology to bridge the achievement gap in public education, especially math and sciences. Elijah spoke about Nick Moon, whose
ApproTEC (Appropriate Technology for Enterprise Creation), help people in East Africa and West Africa break the cycle of poverty. Andrew gave a really interesting overview of Facebook creator Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. What an interesting story.

The photo we took is rather blurry and we posed for it after Ping left, so here are the Book Report Essay photos too.

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