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Day 2

Today in class we met in A-232 to practice responding to the class blog: Students composed a response to Assignment 2 in the syllabus which was to write a response to the syllabus. I suggested a three paragraph response to three aspects or sections of the syllabus. It is up to the students which sections he or she would like to comment on, for example: textbooks, assignments, and Student Learning Outcomes.

Students were shown how to write a heading on their papers and how to insert a header (last name and page number starting with the first page).

The heading is:

Student Name
Professor Sabir
English 201 A or B
Day Month Year
Assignment Name

Writing Assignment Title

The heading is justified left and double spaced in the papers. In blog posts, this spacind might get lost. That's okay. Also, students do not have to include a header on blog posts.

After we reviewed this assignment and some students completed it, we shifted to the homework, where students shared their responses to the Family Literacy essay in the handout I gave students Monday.

Students then responded to one of two writing assignments on page 16. Homework is to complete the short essay (250 words, perhaps 3 paragraphs). Bring the typed document to class Monday for a peer review.

There were a few new students in class. I told students who wanted to add the class and needed permission numbers that I would give them permission numbers when they purchased the textbooks. About four students went to the book store after class and returned for the permission numbers (smile).

For those students who purchased Stewart Pidd this afternoon, homework is to read and complete the exercises in the Ancillary on "Plagiarism and Paraphrasing" (339-379). Students should complete this section by Wednesday of next week (August 28).

Bring any questions to class Monday. We will begin reading Virgin Soul mid-September. I would like us to run through Pidd in six weeks (smile). It depends on how much of this material is new information as to how fast we can run the book. If you need extra help, use the Writing Center to complete the assignments.

For those who do not have the book, SPHE is on reserve in the Reference Section of the Library (L-Bldg.) Start the work now as well.

By Monday, students should have responded in a short essay to the syllabus and emailed me an introduction. Both these assignments are in the syllabus.

Look here tomorrow for a more detailed outline of the Pidd assignments and a reading schedule for Virgin Soul. I will also give students paper copies of this, along with when the other two essays, Book Report and Social Entrepreneur are due. Start thinking about what book you'd like to read for essay two now. .

I had fliers for students interested in the Virgin Soul reading at the main library next Wednesday with author Judy Juanita. This should be pretty exciting. August 28 is also the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. King's "I Have a Dream Speech." The following day, August 29, 2013, is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Sang Saephan
Professor Sabir
English 1A

Response to Syllabus
I really like the idea of the topic of "rebels" as described in the Thermal Content con't section. I feel like students can relate to the topic of rebelling or being a rebel. A question that I have,though,is,what are the other two documents that we are going to have to use for the Rosa Parks essay? I also want to say that I feel that the short 4-5 page short essays are reasonable for the amount of time you're giving us. I have another question regarding the last essay in this section; does the person that we choose to write about have to be from a book? Other than these questions, I feel like these are reasonable tasks.
For the "Finals" section of the syllabus, I only have questions. I think that I just need a little more clarifications on what we're suppose to do. Are we going to have to present all our findings from the previous essays that we've done?
The last response is going to be for the "Literature Circles" section. I like the idea of discussing in a group because it has helped me understand books more when I was in high school. I do have a question though; are we going to be in one big group, or multiple groups? I would recommend two different groups - one in the discussion and one out of it, taking notes. The groups could then switch roles.
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Hannah wollo
Professor Sabir
English 201A
21 August 2013
Response to Syllabus

The workbook Stewart Pidd Hates English is a "fictional charater" , who seen to make English look not difficult to students. This book mark the weakness of students. when i look at this statement "grammar is not the most important aspect of writing ". If you actually look at this statement, you think to yourself and ask some questions. I thought English is mostly base on grammar.People want to use the right grammar when they open their mouth to speak in public. The new novel "Virgin Soul" that was written by Judy Juanita, an African American woman. who wrote about her life story in details. Do you think she just wrote the story without using proper grammar? Because nobody want to read a book that doesn't make no sense at all. Author always want to make connection with the readers.
The assignment might seen too much to handle but it all part of learning. The research paper, you have the opportunity to pick someone that the society remember then do a presentation. The course objective prepare students to succeed in the course. No late work is accepted without telling the professor in advance. A Portfolio is also part of the homework/project.
Correction of the Essay is may by the professor and it might receive a comment. The errors that was may will be included. Students could email, visit or call the professor if they are confuse about something. Also offer to review them with the student. That could improve the student learning outcomes. I look forward learning more in this class.
Mustafa Alawdi
Professor Sabir
English 201A
August 25, 2013
Assignment 1

Response to Syllabus

I think that the character of Stewart Pidd is very relatable because students don’t like grammar. Grammar is something people struggle with and can be a road block when people try to improve their writing. This work book will help me personally develop into a successful writer. In the past, my grammar mistakes got in my way when I was trying to make a point through my writing. At first the grammar workbook might be challenging, but as we work through different sections, I believe it will become easier as I become better at grammar techniques.

People should read a book like Virgin Soul because it talks about the community and how the people are in the local community. It is important for younger generations to learn about the history of the culture of the Bay Area. I’ve lived in Oakland almost all my life but I don’t know what they city was like during the 1960’s. Virgin Soul seems very different from most books I’ve read in an academic setting. For one thing it is very newly writing and secondly, it’s not about any topic I have previously read about in school. Based on the review, this book seems to be an accessible and interesting read that I look forward to discussing.

I like the way that I can choose my own person to interview and get to know a lot from different people. I appreciate the flexibility of choice in assignment because I feel that I invest more into my work that way. I really like working in groups, but I know that some students don’t enjoy group projects, so having a choice makes the assignment work well for every student. I have done other assignments where I had to interview someone, so I feel comfortable with this type of assignment.
Gerlanda Gelin
Prof. Wanda Sabir
August 26, 2013
I just got the book Stewart “PIDD HATES English” I briefly looked through it, I have a feeling that I found a new lover. This book is something that I will always refer to in matters concerning writing. All the exercises in this book are important, as an English learner and a future lawyer. I believe that I need to have the best writing skills, punctuation, and grammar this book will be helpful to me for a long time. Even though in the syllabus there is a sentence stated that “grammar is not the most important aspect of writing.” I personally believe that grammar is an important aspect in writing, because a grammar mistake can change the meaning of a sentence. And readers sometimes get the wrong message from your writing due to grammar mistakes.
I’m waiting for the “Virgin Soul” in the mail I read the author synopsis it really moves me. And the fact that she is an Oakland native who is talking about her experience as young lady and being part of the black panthers. I know I that I miss out on the good Oakland days because many people told me this not Oakland when is on its lowest. I’m very eager to know more about this historical city that I call my home and I’m looking forward to see the author on Wednesday. I strongly believe that after this class I will have all the requirements I need for English 1A.

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