Monday, September 30, 2013

Today in class more students started the Pronoun Case Essay Exam. Bring into class completed for Wednesday, October 2, typed. We will complete the Elipsis Quiz and continue talking about Virgin Soul. Be prepared to write a short essay exploring the topic: virginity.

How does the author, Judy Juanita, use Geniece to define virginity? Many students are not reading the book. I might also add a quiz too (smile). You are supposed to be up to page 144 or something now. October is Black Panther Party History Month.

There are a lot of activities happening internationally. However, Oakland, CA is the birthplace. There is an event later in October at Mills College. Perhaps we could attend together. For homework, I'd like everyone to attend one event connected to Black Panther History.

The two students who attended the book reading at the library do not have to attend another event, but it would be great if you could (smile).

Keep going in Pidd. We are completing the entire book. Students seem to be getting the hang of Pidd. I hope you will be able to transfer the editing skills over to your own essays once we start. This is the goal. I returned essays today. Keep them. I have not recorded the grades, also you will need all your work for the final portfolio due in December.

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