Monday, September 16, 2013

Today in class we reviewed Pronoun Agreement up to the essay. We identified the errors in the Jimmy Dent essay, "Go Big or Go Home" (Pollitt and Baker 86-89). Homework is to complete the essay and bring a copy of it into class Wednesday. (I know, I said email it to me. I changed my mind again.)

We also completed a quiz on the chapter.

I will probably be able to read it before class ends. We meet in the library for an orientation. If you have any doubts, just complete the templates in the book and then Monday we can answer any questions. Keep going.

The next section is Pronoun Case (107). This is an exam. We will write this essay in class Wednesday, Sept. 25. Make sure you notice the extra exercises on ellipses marks on page 126 (see box). The chapter ends with identifying the errors.

I will give you a reading schedule Wednesday, Sept. 18 for Virgin Soul. Get the book. Check local libraries. I think it is in our college library. 

I will also give you a schedule for the three essays we will write in class Wednesday as well. I will also post them here. Start thinking about a biography you'd like to read for your book report essay. It would be great if you chose a local author. The book does not have to be a biography, but that would be nice (smile).

For Wednesday, you do not have to bring Pidd. All you need is a notebook to take notes.

Ramona Gabriel
Professor Sabir
English 201B
23, September 2013
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This past Wednesday I learned so much about the library. Mr. Sparks gave me so much information about the library. I find the library very useful because it helps me with my education, research and find interesting books to read. Also I can at the library a lot of questions. For example, how long did this library been around? How can I become a library card holder? How can I use the computers to find the particular book that I am looking for? I know that African-Americans have been fighting for what's right for us to have the privilege to have access to the library. Because the library hold so much important information that I can find, for example, the Black Panthers. The library have so many information about the Black Panthers, from Bobby Seale, and etc.
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