Thursday, September 26, 2013

We had a special guest this week, Manual Flores, a former student of mine, who joined us to share his Student Success Story. He graduated this Spring with his AA degree. He is 19.

I had students reflect on Manny's talk and what they might use of his to succeed her at COA.

We then reviewed exercises leading up to Pronoun Case, the first of four Essay Exams in SPHE. We also completed the Pronoun Case quiz. We will complete the Ellipsis quiz next week.

Students should be finished with the exercises for this essay by Monday so we can review the answers and identify the errors. Homework will be the Essay Exam.For the two students who completed the exercises, and have the take home exam, continue with the next set of exercises, Possessives.

After Pidd, we discussed Virgin Soul. Don't forget your reading logs. One per chapter and if you are a slow reader, read in advance. There is a lot to read for Monday.

We talked about the protagonist, or main character, Geniece, her granny, her boyfriend, Ellwood. Her family and the fact that she was an orphan. We talked about various themes and issues raised by the writer through her character, like skin color and hair texture.

We talked about her family members and her cousins, her friends and her coworker. 

The action takes place between Oakland and San Francisco philosophically. Geniece is a smart girl who likes to write and this is how she meets Allwood, an assignment for the Tower (now Laney Tower).

Come prepared to talk more about Geniece and her coming awareness of life and people around her, and how that stirs her to action. She lives in a world that is stratified, separate but not equal, but not for long.

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