Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Week 3, Day 2

This was a short week, with Labor Day taking our Monday (smile). We had a good class; it was fast paced, but students seemed to be keeping up. Some students came in with the Pidd essay, Sentence Punctuation already written. It wasn't due yet (smile).

The essay due was the second essay from the Reading to Write handout on the blessings of writing. Students spent the last part of the class sharing their essays with classmates. I didn't like the suggestions for comments in the handout, so I told students to use stars and exclamation and questions marks to annotate the papers. Lastly, students were to write a comment to the writer indicating what worked well in the writing.

Homework is to complete the Sentence Punctuation Essay in the book (31). Do not type it yet. We can type it in class next week.

Some of your classmates went to the author talk, with Judy Juanita, (Virgin Soul) last week at the Oakland Main Library. One student said it was a great event as she handed in her extra credit essay (smile).

Many of you are fine writers, so you should feel confident in the course, even if Pidd is an anomaly (smile).  SPHE is a way to give you language to talk about your writing and editing process is is just a tool. I am looking forward to reading Virgin Soul this month.

Don't forget, we have a library orientation this month, Sept. 18. We will meet there.

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