Wednesday, October 23, 2013


COINTELPRO--Spying by any other name . . .

We watched an interview with an FBI agent from Disc. 2, in the 4 disc. set in: What We Believe: The Black Panther Library presented by Roz Payne Archives & Newsreel Films (2006), who spoke candidly about his role in infiltrating the Black Panther Party. Watch a couple of these interviews to get more background from the other side re: COINTELPRO.

Here is a link to the DVD:

For extra credit, you can write a short essay reflecting on this survellance program and the attitude of the federal agent we watched today.

After the program we reflected on Geniece's experience with Panther members who were on the lam, escaping from federal prosecution. We developed a thesis sentence and an outline for a potential essay.

Homework is the write your essay based on a theme or topic from Virgin Soul. Make sure you use evidence from the novel, that is, quotes and free paraphrases.  Bring to class electronically Monday to share.

In the package, Writing with a Thesis. Read and do the exercises up to and including the two essays on "My Summer Vacation."

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