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Cyber-Assignment 2 for October 7, 2013

Talk about Geniece's civic involvement in social movements from Oakland City to San Francisco State. Initially Allwood is her god, that is, he helps her create a new world. When does she take control of this process herself?

Talk about her new friends, her job at SFSU, her growing involvement in community.

Is she still a virgin soul? Why or how does she hold onto this aspect of herself?

Remember, each essay is 250 words (1 page min.) If you write more, you might have to post it in two posts. Just put continued or part 1 and part 2.

Sonia Reyes
Professor Sabir
English 210B
10 October 2013

At first Geniece is involved in all things Allwood. She wanted to know what he knew. She wanted to read what he read. Allwood opened up a entire new way of seeing the world through his eyes. She accompanied him where he went and even let him hold his political education classes at her apartment. He took her to the “Black House” where she saw and heard lots of things about the Black Panther Movement and most importantly where she became aware of how beautiful she truly was.
After Allwood leaves for Cal-Tech she is sad. She Graduates from City College and eventually gets into San Francisco State. Allwood comes back one week after she gets into state. He invites to take her to state to get her acquainted with the area. She already knows the area but agrees. They pass State and continue down the freeway. The end up at the airport and to Geniece’s surprise they are there to meet Betty Shabazz or so she thinks. After this encounter at the airport with the brother and his rifle and the disrespect of Allwood who did not defend her when they would not let her thru to see Mrs. Shabazz. I believe this is when Geniece takes control of the process. She stands up for herself and no longer follows Allwood. She begins making her own decisions in her own best interest and not in what Allwood feels should interest her.
Geniece starts working at the admissions office at San Francisco State. She quickly realizes that she is not the only one that comes from Oakland or struggle. She reads countless entrance essays and learns different stories of overcoming hardships. She does not feel like she stands out any longer because she finds others with similar stories. While at work one of her coworkers named Fannie talk to her about the importance of getting in and out of college in a timely manner. She introduces the idea of switching majors and possibly moving into IH or emergency housing if she has to in order of having less of a commute to and from Oakland. Geniece decides its a good idea and move into IH where she meets Xavi a girl also living there. They quickly become friends and confide in each other their secrets. Xavi shares that she is a lesbian and that she had a baby two summer ago that she had to give up. She shares how her secret got out and how she was treated like poop while she was pledging.
Geniece is still a virgin soul because she is amazed at the fact that Xavi is a black lesbian. She does not like confrontation and is barely learning how standing up for yourself when your being wronged can benefit her if done in the correct way. To me she has no malice and is still a virgin soul.
Professor Sabir
English 201A
10 October 2013
Geniece was an orphan, dark skin living in California. Attended Oakland city college, transfer to San Francisco State. She had freedom and was in love with a light skin intelligent brother. Allwood opened up her eyes entirely in a new way of seeing the world. She want to read books that he read and do things like him.
Her ideal of her being black in a white America, at that time it was Civic Right Movement. She became member of the Black Panthers and experiencing all kinds of things, such as: poverty, violence, excesses, and rhetoric. The Black Panther Party, a radical offshoot of the Black Power movement transforming college campuses. Geniece maintain her focus on graduation even she had been through a lot. She begins a journey of personal discovery that takes on a highly political edge. She met new friends and they became her room. Geniece became her own person and standup for what she believe.
Geniece Hightower is rendered with deep insight by an authentic talent with an authentic voice. Despite all the guns and violent rhetoric, Virgin Soul is ultimately life. Geniece didn’t feel that she stand out anymore because she met other with similar stories. Her relationship begins as an infatuation, turns into one of mentorship, then into love. She eventually outgrows Allwood. It is with Allwood that Geniece comes to witness the rise of the Black Panthers. Geniece is still a virgin soul because thing had impact her. She’s still experiencing her action even if it’s wrong but still seen to be for the right reason.
Gerlanda Gelin
Professor Wanda Sabir
14 October 2013
Sistuh Geniece
The book Virgin Soul by Judy Juanita unfolds the story of Geniece born in Berkeley raise in East Oakland by her extended family. Geniece a very smart, independent young lady like a little sparrow leaves her family nest to start her own journey. Geniece never was like a soldier ready to fight for her independence but she did not know that independence came with a price. She was curious to know the price even though she can sense the difficulties. She enrolled herself at Oakland City College despite of the fact that, she was accepted at San Francisco State College. She worked as a social worker and a part time editor for the tower. Often the word virgin reminds me of naïveté, purity, innocence; I usually use these words when I describe a new born. As I read the book Judy Juanita changes my understanding of these words. Geniece was naïve, pure, and innocent. Growing up in East Side with her extended family; she went from an Oakland City College student to a San Francisco State student. At S. F State she works for the school administration office, she got involve with the black students clubs. She was not physically a virgin but her soul was still virgin. Even though she was now a permanent BPP member, she was still naïve. Geniece transformed into a rebel, a poet, and a speaker for the BPP also her apartment turned into a safe house.

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Tsatsral Tsendsuren
Professor Sabir
English 201A
18 October 2013
Relationship between Geniece and Allwood were more than just a friends. Allwood knows more than Geniece. He taught her many things including tutor. Until the day Allwood got a letter from Cal Tech, Geniece was depending on him. She wanted to know everything that Allwood knows. Cal Tech wanted Allwood to come for an interview and Geniece filled with full of thoughts that If he is going away.
After Allwood left, Geniece tried every possible way to transfer to San Francisco State. She did not want to be at City anymore. She accepted to SF State with seventy units and eighteen extra credit. Also she got a job at Administration office 25 hours for a week. She attended many meeting on Campus, and one of them was “Black-is-beautiful” where she met Lian. Lian became Geniece’s friend, and even they shared a room for a while. Xavi was also her friend who shared a room with her at Interim Housing (IH). Three of them became friends, they all joined to BLack Panther Party.
I thought Geniece is a still virgin soul because she has her own experienced soul that always chase after her future. During a time where the country is full of strikes and protests inside of her was still a virgin soul.
Delgermaa Ailtgui
Professor Sabir
English 201B
20 October 2013
Geniece is an intelligent young woman who is trying to find out who truly she is. She does not know how to back up and give up; all she knows is go forward with a mind full of optimistic thoughts. What I like about her is she let others hear her voice no matter what and she does everything in her way. Allwood is the first person that changed every perspective of Geniece. She thought she reads many books than others until she met Allwood. Allwood was like a God to her because she literally worshipped him. She wanted to know his every thought and every movement. She was ready to follow every words he would said until Allwood got accepted into Cal Tech. She felt like he was taking her life and got away. Since then, she thought about everything and led her way and followed her path.
She started to attend the San Francisco State University after attending Oakland City College with 70 units and 18 extra credits. She began to work at the Administration office at San Francisco State University and started to spend 25 hours a week. She got connected to a lot of people through many opportunities.
I think she is a still virgin soul because even though she lost her virginity does not mean she can’t have a soul that is virgin. Soul is something that’s within the heart. Her heart and soul is a still pure and holy.

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