Thursday, October 31, 2013


Peer Reviews; Cyber-Responses

Wednesday in class we reviewed what are some of the qualities of good writing. Please post your lists and narratives here. We then read two essays from the package Writing with a Thesis on "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." We also talked about the importance of having an argument or thesis in all kinds of writing whether that is a thank you note, a personal ad or driving directions.

We didn't talk about the Letter of Complaint, but we did talk about the two essays that students write on the short story, The Lottery. Which one has a thesis and why.

For homework, complete all the exercises in the package. It will help you make sure your essays have strong thesis sentences.

Peer Reviews

Students all got copies of students essays and essays in progress. We reviewed one essay, Valarria's on Virgin Soul. I went over it with everyone. Homework is to write a response to Valarria. Talk about what is working well in her writing. Use the ideas and points we came up with in class. I will add a few more a bit later to this post.

If something is not clear, ask a question. The completed essay is due next Wednesday via email, pasted and attached in the email. Include the Initial Planning Sheet, Outline and don't forget the works cited page for the essay.

Essay 2 Comments from Me

Students also shared with me the book they would like to read for Essay 2. If you did not know what book you would like to read for the next essay. Make sure I approve it either Thursday, October 31 or Friday, Nov. 1. If I do not respond to your email, call me.

Next Week

Classes are canceled next week and your major assignment will be to complete the book. There will be a couple other assignments, such as finding a published review of your book and a biography of the author, but that is the major one. These will be cyber-assignments. Students will write summaries for the blog. I will post the assignments later.


There is not class November 11, Veteran's Day, so do not get behind. We are entering the home stretch and we have two more essays to complete that demonstrate your mastery of the Pidd concepts. Make sure before you submit your final drafts next week that they are edited.

Staying in touch

I will leave the essays students left with me outside my office (D-219) today. So if you miss me they will be there today one in an envelop outside the door. You can email me next week with questions. I will respond by the evening after 8:30 p.m.

I think Valarria had lots of good examples of the things and actions Geniece took while in the BPP. Because I have the read the book I know exactly what she is talking about. If you have yet to read it you might be a little confused as to the reasons she did take these actions or found herself in certain predicaments.

* Who is Allwood?
* What is the black house?
* The last sentence of her essay made me laugh:)
in a good way. I thought it was creative and unexpected too.
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