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Delancey Street Foundation Cyber-Assignment

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Nohemi Victoria Romero

Professor Sabir

English 201A

27 November 2013


It is easy to infer that no one could ever be poor in America, that is, when you are in the middle class or higher. In reality, “An estimated 100 million people worldwide are homeless” ( It is also easy to think that anyone could change their life after prison and become employed if they “tried”. Yet, “having a history of incarceration reduces a worker’s chance of being hired by 15 to 30% and reduces the annual number of weeks worked by 6 to 11 weeks…” ( And, It is easy to think that there is no one should relapse after coming clean with an addiction and move on. Despite, “Interventions for drug dependence are often ineffective and relapse rates can be as high as 90%”( It seems that with these statistics there can be no hope for the homeless, ex-cons, and drug addicts.
However there is hope. That hope is a woman named Mimi Silbert. Mimi Silbert is a social entrepreneur with a dream of eliminating poverty, addiction, and deviance in her community with the help of her Delancey Street Foundation. Her non-profit organization has helped over 14,000 people from Delancey Foundation locations in New York, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Los Angeles to have a second chance at a better life. “It has been called the most successful rehabilitation project in the United States” (Meet The New Heroes) She helps her students with marketable skills and obtain a high school diploma to land a job in a business and rent a place to live.
This social entrepreneur with her Delancey Street Foundation has become a great support group, also a motivation to come clean and have a better future. In the 30 years of business she has never accepted government funds yet, : “Silbert has built an empire grossing 20 million dollars a year...” (Meet the Heroes).

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Tsatsral Tsendsuren

Professor Sabir

English 201A

27 November 2013

Delancey Street Foundation

Although it is difficult to rejoin society after drug and alcohol abuse Mimi Silbert’s rehabilitation program becomes the start line for people who want to start over, because such program gives them a hope and a nurture place to heal.
There are many criminals who want to start over again, but they do not know how to start, and where to begin. Mimi Silbert started the project called “Delancey street Foundation” to help those people who need help. “The Delancey Street Foundation is a residential education center where drug addicts, criminals and the homeless learn to lead productive, crime-free lives” (Meet The New Heros ½). According to the facts, rehabilitation project is the most successful project in the United States which gives many people a hope to start over.
Rehabilitation project is not only to let them to be crime-free, the program also gives them experiences to live on. Such as, the training school teaches residents a way to control themselves and their bad habits. Every resident spends least four year at the facility, and must pass the exam in order to get high school diploma with marketable skills. After the graduation, residents get a chance to look for a new job outside of the program, and they can actually live crime-free.
Even though Silbert and the project faces crimes and new challenges, Mimi Silbert is not going to give up. She believes, the residents and their parents want a better life. I would say “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping” to those people who need a help to start over again.
Delgermaa Ailtgui
Professor Sabir
English 201B
26 November 2013
Essay Response
About the Delancey Street Foundation
The social entrepreneur, Mimi Silbert is the co-founder of the project called “Delancy Street Foundation.” Silbert’s intentions were to help the criminals, the drug addicts and the homeless people who are lost in their bad habit. This project gives knowledge of basic skills to the people that other places require. Silbert was not only the co-founder, but she was also an encourager for her workers.
In the documentary called “The New Heroes,” Silbert says, “What do you do with your life, if you’ve done a bunch of things that you’re ashamed of… You can never undo them.” For every person criminals or non-criminals, the above dialogue may apply. It is important to take the right path and leave the bad habits in the past.
This is the great project that would change so many people’s lives and dreams. Because of helpful and generous people like, Mimi Silbert, the society’s cruelty and badness might end soon. The foundation plants seed in many people lives so that the people that are trapped in their darkness can take care of their seeds and grow into a flower or even a tree.

Valarria Chappelle
Professor Sabir
04 December 2013
English 201A
Delancey Street Foundation

There are few people in the world willing to dedicate their time to helping improve another person life. Surprisingly, “More than 650,000 ex-offenders are released from prison every year, and studies show that approximately two-thirds will likely be rearrested within three years of release”( Mimi Silbert, an entrepreneur, has dedicated her time to helping rehabilitate men coming out prison. Silbert co-founded the Delancey Street Foundation, a non-profit organization, which provides ex-cons with the skills they need to survive once they leave the two-year program. Although it is difficult to rejoin society after drug and alcohol abuse, rehabilitation programs become safe havens for people to start over because such programs provide former addicts stability and a nurturing place to heal.
Many ex-cons aren’t given the chance to redeem themselves once they leave prison. They are often if not most times rejected opportunities because of past mistakes. The Delancey Street Foundation gives these men “a chance to do many good things for all the bad things they have done” (Meet the New Heroes). The only thing that most people want coming out of prison is a chance to do well for themselves and start over. Silbert provides this opportunity through various jobs like working in delivery services or in a restaurant. In these environments the men in the program are able to start a new life with help and encouragements for those who want to see them do succeed
For those men who have been in prison for most of their lives, they don’t know any other way of living; expect that of restriction mentally and physically which often leads back to imprisonment. “Delancey Street teaches you how to stay out “says one of the men who have been in the Delancey Program for three years and is now teaching and giving back to those who are entering the program. When someone becomes accustomed to living and behaving a certain way it is often times hard to change unless given an option of doing differently. Mimi Silbert is taking part in giving that life changing option to men who know no differently than what they have been taught for most of their lives, which is that they are worthless and will always be what they once were.

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