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English 201 Portfolio Checklist Fall 2013

Name _______________________________________________
Phone number_________________________________________
Course, term and code__________________________________

English 201A Preparation for Composition and Reading (concurrent enrollment for both sections)
ENGL 201A - (40013) MoWe 1:30PM-3:20PM A 202

ENGL 201B - (40017) MoWe 1:30PM-3:20PM A 202
Class Meetings: August 19-Dec. 13; Holidays: 9/2; 11/11; 11/28-Dec.1

Finals Schedule:
Final Exam Week of Dec. 9-13. English 201 Final: Wednesday, Dec. 11, 12 noon to 2 p.m. Cancelled!
(Portfolios due Friday, Dec. 13, 12 noon) via email:

Portfolio Assembly Workshop
Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013, 9-12; 1-3 in A-205 (I can possibly stay later if needed. Let me know.)

This page can serve as you table of contents. If an assignment doesn’t look familiar just put N/A on the line. If you are missing work you know you turned in, make sure you let me.

If there is work you have done which is not listed, please add it at the end. Thanks!

Portfolio Narratives
See assignment in previous post

1. Self-reflection on 18 weeks of study (250 words minimum).
2. Self-reflection on revision strategies with citations (250 words minimum).

Stewart Pidd Hates English Assignments
Do not include the essay in the portfolio, just indicate Passed/No Pass

Grammar Exam 1, August/Sept. 2013_____/50
Gramar Exam 2 November 2013 _______/50

Midterm Synthetica March 2010 (Pronoun Case) _______

Essay Exam 2 Possessives_______
Essay Exam 3 Parallel Structure________

Sentence Structure ________, Pronoun Agr._______, POV _______, Be-verbs______, SV Agr._______

Major Essays

Virgin Soul

Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis _________
First Draft _________
Final Draft Grade __________
Revisions (how many? Grades?) __________

Revision Goals or Narratives between drafts__________
Reading Logs____________

Book Report Essay

Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis___________
Final draft grade__________
Pidd-type essay grade ____________or Narrative________________

Book Report presentation___________
Peer reviews (how many?)_________________

Book Report Presentations:
Grade is an “A”for all presentations or “-0-“ for opting out. The presentation is a quarter of the grade for this assignment


Social Entrepreneur In-class Essay__________

Other Essays from Reading and Writing

Family Literacy________

Eight Blessings of Writing __________
Cyber assignments, in-class assignments___________ (how many?)


Judy Juanita at Oakland Public Library:__________
Writing Assignment __________

Manual Flores on Student Success
Reflection on Presentation ___________

Mr. Jamar Mears, counselor in the EOPS Department on Student SuccessReflection on Presentation __________
Library Orientation
Reflection ___________

Grade Justification

Anything else? _____________________________________________________________

What grade do you think you've earned this semester? What evidence supports this conclusion?

Teacher research

Can I use your work in presentations and publications? Would you like to be anonymous? If I plan on using your essays or work in a book, I will let you know and share any proceeds.

Yes, I agree. __________
No, do not use my work. __________

Final Grade
Portfolio checklist _____________
Portfolio Essay 1_______________
Portfolio Essay 2_______________
Portfolio Grade_________

Course Grade_________

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